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Connecting Chess for Android with a House of Staunton Sensory Chessboard


The company ZmartFun teamed up with the House of Staunton to provide a combination of a sensory chess board and TapNSet-Pro chess clock. Since v8.6.6, Chess for Android can connect to this electronic board and clock over bluetooth or USB. Long press the notation window in Chess for Android to open the extended menu. Then select "Connect to EBoard", pick either the House of Staunton bluetooth or USB, choose an initial orientation (white at bottom when checked) and enable the "Clock Timer", then press "Connect", and select the right connected device.

Setting up the start position with white on either the bottom or top of the electronic chessboard will start a new game with Chess for Android using that orientation. Move a piece to make a move, and follow the computer's response shown by the GUI. To capture, remove the opponent's piece from the chessboard. To castle, move the king first two squares to the left or right. To capture en-passant, move your own pawn first before removing the opponent's pawn. To promote, move your own pawn to the last rank, select the promotion piece on Chess for Android, and then replace the pawn with that piece on the electronic chessboard. To set up a position, long press the notation window, pick "Position Setup", after which Chess for Android continuously syncs its internal chessboard with the electronic chessboard. After pressing "OK", the game can proceed from the given position (if valid).

Other features, including playing against third party chess engines, are explained in the Chess for Android Manual and the instructional videos below.

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