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[Micro-KIM] Because Aart Bik learned machine code on the Commodore 64, it is no suprise he occassionally enjoys programming 6502 on the Micro-KIM, which is a modern replica of the seventies KIM1 microcomputer made available by Briel Computers.

The original KIM1 featured a 6502 microprocessor, 1K of static RAM, two 6530 RRIOT IC's, a keypad, and a 6 character 7 segment LED diplay. The Micro-KIM is a suprisingly accurate clone, but features a single 6532 RIOT, 2K EPROM for the monitor program, 5K RAM, and an onboard RS232 serial port, DC input, and expansion bus.

Aart's 6510 cross-assembler (and disassembler), which he originally developed to relive the good old times of the C64, is also useful to develop programs for the Micro-KIM, since it supports, among several other file formats, the paper tape format that can be directly uploaded and executed on this microcomputer.

Micro-KIM Tutorials

[Micro-KIM-DEMO] [Micro-KIM-DEMO] [Micro-KIM-DEMO] [Micro-KIM-DEMO]

Aart is writing a series of tutorials on how to operate and program the Micro-KIM. The tutorials cover many topics ranging from using a cross-assembler to generate programs in paper tape format, uploading and running these on the kit, exploring routines in the monitor program, taking full control of the LED display with custom made characters and even adjusting the brightness, reading the keypad, communicating over the RS232 serial port, and programming interrupt service routines. The series is being published in the Briel Computers Support Forum and on Aart's Blog. Source code of the examples in the tutorials are given below.

The tutorials (so far) are also available as a single PDF file.
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